HELMES offers quality Made in Germany

We develop and produce tailor-made product solutions for your requirements:

Heat exchangers, condensation systems, feed water tanks, process engineering, pressure and storage tanks as well as special equipment

Condensation systems

Condensing units for the operation of steam turbines.


Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger

Tube bundle heat exchangers can be used in a variety of ways for heating, evaporating, cooling and condensing of media.


Degassing systems

In the field of degassing systems, we offer feed water tanks that enable storage, degassing, conditioning and temperature control of the feed water.


Tanks made of steel and stainless steel

Here we offer storage, pressure, collection and special tanks.

Steel and stainless steel tanks

Pressurized heat accumulator

With the help of heat storage systems, the supply of electricity and heat can be decoupled in terms of time.

Steel and stainless steel tanks

All-round service

At Helmes, we guarantee service and support along the entire product life cycle. We support you from the concept phase through planning, engineering and project planning, to implementation, component delivery, maintenance and ensuring operation.

About Helmes

Helmes is your complete supplier in container and apparatus construction, as well as in general system construction. Since 1967, we have been supplying our well-known customers with heat exchangers, tanks, condensation and degassing systems and columns made of steel and stainless steel. We implement your system construction for you from
A to Z – exactly to your specification, flexibly and on schedule.


Excellent quality

You can count on Helmes' quality. We always take the highest quality standards into account and are happy to meet the specific requirements of our clients. In addition, all services and products provided by us are constantly checked and systematically improved.